does being a professor help you in life?



So, I mentioned in my About page that I was a professor of gerontology at UCLA for 30 years.

As a professional in this field, I, of course, have many, many opportunities when I was around senior citizens and the elderly.

I visit the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes, I interact with them in social settings like clubs and events and gatherings, I host seminars on relevant topics for the mature in age, and I go to their funerals and occasionally to their weddings.

In the context of all of these different kinds of events, I often feel like it is appropriate to bring flowers or send flowers.

So this blog is really in honor of the florist that I have given all of my business to over the years because they are just so good.

If you google florist near me or florist groveland or florist clermont or florist the villages, you’ll come up with Kara’s Flowers and Victorian Gardens, which is the best central florida florist that I could ever recommend.

I know, I live in L.A. But when I stumbled on Kara’s by accident one year, and they were happy to take care of my floral needs from clear across the country, they had me sold. I have never tried to find another florist closer by.

The thing is, I am always needing flowers for all kinds of events. You wouldn’t think I’d need wedding flowers central florida, but amazingly, I do. You’d be surprised at how many mature citizens get married! At age 75! Or 80! And sometimes I get involved, helping them find a florist that can take care of their wedding flower arrangements.

Not so surprisingly, I also am called on for help finding a funeral flowers florist. Again, even though Kara’s is in Florida, they bend over backwards to do funeral flower arrangements central Florida even from clear across the country.

I usually take flowers to the senior women that I see, in whatever setting I’m visiting them, but especially if they are in the hospital or in a nursing home.

I find that flower bouquets always bring smiles to their faces. And Kara’s always comes through for me, whether I need Valentine’s flower arrangements or Mother’s Day bouquets or Easter flower floral arrangements or flowers for other holidays like July 4th flowers or Halloween flowers or Thanksgiving flowers or Christmas flowers.

Sometimes I’ll take a whole bouquet with me and sometimes I’ll just take a little arrangement in a vase. Regardless of the size of the collection, the ladies are always thrilled.

Kara’s goes the extra mile to take care of me. If they are doing a birthday bouquet, they’ll find out a little about the interests of the person I’m getting the flowers for, and then they customize the bouquet with something that represents that interest.

They have been very creative in that regard. They have done specialty arrangements for quilters and gardeners and cooks and retired teachers and the like.

So because Kara’s always treats me so well, I will be their loyal customer until the day I die. And if anyone is looking for a florist, I will always recommend Kara’s first!