On France


On France

So, I’ve been thinking about whether or not we should support France.

If America came to France’s aid, the message would be just as effective as the support itself. As America, the world superpower, steps in and protects France, other, smaller terrorist groups would be extremely discouraged.

If other terrorists and extremists look at ISIS and their attacks on Paris and see countries uniting against ISIS in response, the terrorists would never touch us.

It would send a powerful and strong message that would last throughout the ages; America doesn’t mess around.

This can only be achieved if America steps in and helps. Victory must come swift and quick. If France and Europe take too long, or slip up, even if they win in the end, the message is weakened intensely. It might even encourage other terrorist organizations, because if ISIS almost won, why can’t they? America needs to step in immediately.

Some would say that France is acting too quickly. They’re launching attacks and rounding up forces a mere two days after the event happened. As opposed to the five weeks America waited after the events of September 11, 2001.

The French government has taken the acts of terrorism as an act of war towards France. The country is currently in a state of emergency, and the borders have been closed. If we were to intervene now, it would be disorganized and rushed. It would be dangerous. It may even lead to a greater loss of life. Without a well thought out and a well thought through plan, France and America together would not succeed in the war against terrorism.

While the slight disorganization may occur due to the rashness of the French retaliation, a quicker response would yield better results, and would be generally supported by the globe. The cruel truth is that right now, while the wound of terror is fresh on the skin of the world, everyone wants to help. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat. The massive ever watching eye of the media is fixed on Paris, and everyone is emotionally invested, but, as time goes on, we’ll move on. If America tries to take back their decision in a year or two, no one is going to be interested enough. No one will care. It’s the cold, hard truth. We act now, while everyone’s heart is in it, or we act later and have to fight amongst ourselves to reach a decision.

Some people are nervous this is going to turn into another Iraq. That we will be stuck in a never-ending war. Losing men and money into a seemingly endless endeavor. The fear is that we will be sucked into a war that isn’t our own. A war that will cost Americans money, lives and hope.

Comparing this quest to that of Iraq is valid, but if we jump in quickly, and support France and its allies, there’s a better chance of quickly crushing the enemy. If we can make it in now, and if we can hit them hard, we’ll crush their spirit and being. To suggest that this war isn’t our own is ludicrous. It is very much our own. While the Islamic State may be operating out of the Middle East, the threat of terrorism is large and extremely volatile. ISIS has already struck France and is threatening to attack our own United States of America. We are just as in the middle of this war as France is, we are just choosing not to act. Choosing not to fight for freedom. We, as America, as Americans, need to go to any means necessary to assist France and destroy terrorism.

Taking several counter arguments into consideration, I strongly believe America should be overseas doing everything in our ability to both assist France and vanquish ISIS. The American dream is a beacon of hope, a light, leading the hopeless and blinding the cruel. As we forge through time, we march, holding Lady Freedom’s torch high, strong and proud. As a superpower, it’s our ability to support and protect the innocent and free of the world. We need to bond together with our allies. We need to form ranks and fire freedom into the physical embodiment of death and destruction: terrorism.

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